“Prince William’s hairline is fading fast.”

Yes, this was the title of an actual “news” article this week. Shine from Yahoo must’ve been having a slow day when it ran this story.

He’s going bald? NO WAY. I hadn’t noticed. Good thing Shine was there to confirm it for me.

But guess what? Even without his hair, I, along with most women in America, England, Australia, etc. would still like to get some of that. (Although, Harry seems like he’d be more fun.)

Who gives a crap about his hair when he’s royal? 

Ever since the whole Prince William and Kate getting engaged story broke, my husband has groaned, “What’s the big deal?” and “How long are we going to have to hear about this?” I guess he had a point (don’t tell him I said that). And while I’m just as obsessed with the royal wedding as the next person, I’ll pass on this article.

In the mean time, I’ll don my hat, drink my tea and dream of rubbing that beautiful sandpit of Price William’s.