Sunscreen, flip flops, beach towels....we all know the essentials to bring to the beach. We wanted to provide you with a list of fun things to bring to the beach this Monday for Jack's 6th Birthday Party that may not be on your typical list. Because let's face it, this party will be anything but typical.

  • Super-soaker- this is a fun way to aggravate some people. Plus you can fill it with some liquor and really get the party going.
  • Extra cologne/perfume- If you are out in the sun all day running around, swimming in lake Erie, you'll need this.
  • Plastic Bags- these will help protect your phone or camera when you're taking pictures of the madness around you.
  • Jack Daniels- We know how much you love Jack.
  • Can Jam/Football/Frisbee- bring some games to play but you may want to test your BAC level before running blindly around a crowded beach area.
  • First Aid Kit- If you don't need it, someone else will.

If you have any other fun ideas of things to bring to the beach please respond below. Don't forget to come wish Jack a happy 6th Birthday at Jack's Party at Mickey Rats this memorial day. We're not scared of having a good time, are you?