When Kate Middleton says "I do" later this week, she'll be giving up a few things that are "don'ts" for members of the Royal Family. First and foremost, she'll no longer be called "Kate." The Daily Times reports her official title will become "Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Wales." She can be addressed as "Catherine" or "Ma'am," but Kate won't cut it anymore.

Kate won't be able to vote anymore. The royal family prefers to keep a neutral stance. She also won't be able to run for office, hold a job, or say or do anything controversial. If those don't bother you, this might. No more monopoly. In 2008, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, said that the Royal Family was not allowed to play Monopoly at home "because it gets too vicious". Kate also may have to learn to eat faster. In Britain, when the queen stops eating so do you.

Courtesy of C. Hagen.