JACK thinks by the title alone... they knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote it.To be honest why not; it made millions of dollars either way and now they collectively made 7.3 million less. Really though... it's called "Blurred Lines" or in another sense: it could be infringing copyright... it could not... it's a blurred line really. At least to Thicke and Pharell.

Let's think of it from the song writers perspective... Imagine Pharell thought up every note and every rhythm, only then after it's done your like... "crap I wrote "Got to Give it up" part 2". He seems like a pretty cultured guy and probably was rocking out on the radio to some Marvin Gaye and had that stuck in his head inspiring him to come up with Blurred Lines. Do you then say "well I guess I can't release this" sound to similar... no you release that song cause you are proud of what you did and you make enough money to COA for a lawsuit.

Being that Pharell produced the song and published it he is more at fault... cause he should have known better. JACK thinks if you listen to a song long enough you can notice a little copyright infringement on some level. Were not one to Judge so we leave it up to you to decide. But in the end, Blurred Lines means big fines. Except for rapper T.I cause all he did was rap on it and he can't be held accountable.

Here's both songs for you to listen to