The Warner Brothers film "The Green Lantern" starring Ryan Reynolds hit the theatre over the weekend.  In our earlier posts, we were eager and curious to see if it was going to be a hit or not.  The film brought in an estimated $52.6 million over the weekend and did happen to be number one at the box office!

There are many reports stating that the cost of the film was around $200 million.  Although "The Green Lantern" came in at number one over the weekend, it still is the weakest link for a superhero film.  The other superhero movies that came out this summer such as the new X-Men and Thor both brought in more green. 

Now the question is,  what exactly was it that made the film fall short of what was expected?  In all honesty, here at Jack we figured Ryan Reynolds would ruin it.  That he wouldn't have it in him to be that superhero badass but we may have thought wrong.  

We now think that it was the dull dialogue and the lack of excitement, entertainment and thrill that all good superhero films bring.  Sorry Ryan Reynolds but your character has just been added to our list of Bad Superhero Movies. What do you think Jacksters?