Never mind Newton’s discovery of gravity. Get over Galileo’s contributions to astronomy and physics. Erase Einstein’s E=MC2. Stephen Hawking who!?! The greatest scientific discovery in science clearly has to be…drum roll please.

The secret of a cat’s lap?  Yes.  Alan Boyle on Cosmic Log on reports that “Engineers have used high-speed videos and mechanical gizmos to figure out the mechanics of a cat's drinking style, confirming what most pet owners know already: Cats are way different from dogs.”

Is the world really running out of things to research?

Are there too many people working on ending world hunger, curing incurable diseases or creating cleaner and safer energy alternatives that they need to “find stuff” to do?

Do we need to know how Puss-N-Boots drinks from a bowl?

I can hear the science world now: “Sleep easy world, all is well.  Forget that cure for cancer; we will get around to it.  Just know that Cuddles averages about four laps per second, with each lap bringing in about 0.1 milliliters of liquid.  Liquid that may or may not be contaminated with toxins.”  Brillant.

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