Love him or hate him, he's coming.

I have a conflicted relationship with our elf. I've learned to find the fun in it, but am still stricken with panic about it at times --- namely, 3am when I bolt upright from a deep sleep with one thought:


I urge you to find the fun in the elf tradition. After a few years of being mostly annoyed, I stepped up my elf game in a big way last season. I had a blast and so did my kids.


With Pinterest, God, and Google, all things are possible.

Here's a look at the adventures of our elf, Chippy/Sisqo (don't ask, it's complicated). I took pics of his poses every day, and the elf made a photo album for the kids as a goodbye present. They loved it.

Thanks to some online inspiration, our elf had many adventures last year, and will have even more this year.

Here's some of the photos we've done with our Elf: