As you know there's nothing we value more at JackFM than you, our loyal readers and listeners. That's why we feel compelled to share with you these shocking videos we found while doing research for our 5th Annual Zero-K Marathon.

Like you, we were under the impression that waking up at an ungodly hour to run 26 miles to no where in particular with a large group of people wearing ridiculous looking shorts was an activity with no downside. We couldn't have been more wrong. Check out the video evidence! (Warning: You may never want to exercise again after seeing these)

We start off in Japan where months of intense training and hours of grueling marathoning had culminated with the runner in the black and red having his dream in sight, winning this race. Having literally ran over 130,000 feet he was but a few hundred more away from victory when tradgedy turned showed it's ugly head.

Next we turn to an Iron Man competition. The two women in the video below show that at the end of the day all you need is heart and the ability to regress back to your toddler years in order to finish.

Now this image below is a little more our speed. We're not entirely sure why the good folks at marked this as a fail since it seems like there's a reasonable amount of "winning" (as our friend Carlos would say) going on here.

No matter who you are or how you view exercise it's clear after evidence like this has been presented the best thing you could do for your body and possibly your soul is come and hang out with us at the 5th Annual Zero-K Marathon Tuesday, February 21st.