And when JACK says 'BEST' he means 'WEIRDEST'.

But, if you're ever looking for an excuse to be late JACK would probably use one of these.

DISCLAIMER: We don't expect them to work 100% of the time.

  • 1

    "I knocked myself out in the shower."

  • 2

    "I was drunk and forgot which Waffle House I parked my car next to."

  • 3

    "Someone robbed the gas station I was at, and I didn't have enough gas to get to another station."

  • 4

    "I dreamed that I got fired."

  • 5

    "There was a stranger sleeping in my car."

  • 6

    "I'm NOT late . . . I was thinking about work on the way in."

  • 7

    "I had to wait for the judge to set my bail."