The ladies are drooling over Ryan Reynolds being a free man. One  friend of mine tweeted “Hey Ryan, make sure you get to keep the Abs in the Divorce.” But no doubt, this celeb divorce goes both ways on the hotness scale. And guys, now that seductive goddess, Scarlet Johansson is back on the market, there’s no need to feel guilty about coveting these pictures of the Iron Man 2 Star.

At just 26 yrs-old the blonde bombshell actress has racked up a slew of acting rolls and dabbled in a music career on the side. She recently starred in last summer’s Iron Man 2, before turning her focus to Broadway and garnering a 2010 Tony nomination. But we know you don’t care about all that and just want some hot photos, so let’s get it on!

Click here to check out some of Scarlett's best. Oh Scarlett... We will always love you!