Will Smith

Will Smith’s Son Wears A Dress To Prom [PICTURE]
True Story.
In a time where you can do almost whatever you want, Jaden Smith did just that and didn't give a crap whether anyone cared or not. It's not the first time that Will Smith's son has 'dabbled' into wearing women's clothing, so it was not surprising when he did …
Family Time
Dad, you're embarrassing me! Daaaaad, you're embarrassing meeeee! DAD YOU ARE SERIOUSLY KISSING ME ON THE MOUTH DURING AN INTERVIEW, STOP! If he weren't so insanely wealthy and privileged, it would probably be pretty hard to be Jaden Smith.
'Fresh' Performance
British TV scored a major coup over the weekend. While promoting his latest movie "After Earth" with his co-star son, Jaden Smith, on 'The Graham Norton Show' on BBC One, Will Smith was reunited with DJ Jazzy Jeff to do the theme from the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air...
Will Smith’s Reporter Smackdown [VIDEO]
Will Smith took a back-handed slap at a reporter who got a little too close to his mouth when he was greeted at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black III. Smith gave the man a light shove, a slap on the cheek and said "What the hell's your problem man...