'Vikings' Season 2 Premiere Clips
The 'Vikings' of History's namesake will be back to raid, pillage and plunder a second season beginning February 27, but before they do, they may need to settle some differences of their own. See Ragnar Lothbrok take on his brother Rollo as opposing armies clash in the first clips fro…
New 'Vikings' Season 2 Trailer
Just before the holidays, History's 'Vikings' season 2 officially set a season 2 premiere for February 27 to accompany the first images from the epic battles to come. Now, History's 'Vikings' are ready to fight their fate with a brand-new trailer teaser featuring Lorde&…
Third Time A Charm For Favre?
We've heard this song and dance from Brett Favre before, twice to be exact. But this time, the retirement rumors swirling around the Minnesota Vikings' Quarterback might actually be true.