Happy April Fool's Day!
This video is a prank we pulled on one of our promo guys a few years back. Unfortunately we weren't able to do anything this year due to cutbacks in our 'Shenanigans Budget'. This is a perfect example of why you don't take a vacation during April Fool's and especially why yo…
Amazing Video of Kid Learning He's a Big Brother
Watch this amazing video of this kid, Logan, learning that he is about to become a big brother. His reaction is amazing!
He's asked by his parents to read a script for the first time for a home video. He reads about their planned vacation in Myrtle Beach and then reads the big news:
…And a…
Christopher Walken Is Dancin’
We all know Christopher Walken as an actor, but he is also quite the dancer. In fact he has shown off his skills quite a few times on the big screen and finally someone has created a mashup of his greatest dancing scenes. Walken has appeared in more than 120 films and TV shows and this video is made…
Wrecking Ball Chat Roulette
The YouTube is full of parodies of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" video, including one by Hulk Hogan. But none have been combined with the hilarity and unpredictability of Chat Roulette, until now.

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