Get A Free Ride Home in WNY For The Holidays
William Mattar is helping you get home by paying for your ride home again this year! There's a little bit different twist to what has happened in the past--The William Mattar’s Safe Ride Home 4 the Holidays Program, delivered through Designated Drivers of Buffalo.…
Uber Is Offically Here In Buffalo!!!!
You can now download Uber and get a ride. I just downloaded the app and you can request a ride from one of the zillion people that are already signed up for Uber.
I just checked and it would take me about $18.47 to get to my house in Lancaster where in an ordinary cab it would take about $45 (One tim…
Pay more at the airport for uber
Uber is getting ready to make their debut in Buffalo on June 29, but if you're looking to get picked up or dropped off at the airport--you're going to have to pay a fee.
It's only $3.50 on top of your Uber bill, but why do we have to pay that...

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