Tornado Watch
It's a twister, its' a twister!  Hopefully it will not come to fruition and drop a house on anybody!  There is a Tornando watch in Erie County through 10pm.  If you look at the map below, according to the National Weather Service, everything in yellow is under Tornado Watch.…
Pennies From Heaven
Pennies From Heaven was a simple idea with an important goal: Raise funds for the victims of this spring's devastating Oklahoma tornados.
Pennies From Heaven
Those who have had a loved one pass away are often looking for small signs that the person is still with them and watching over them -- like pennies found in odd places or at important moments.
The next few days, weeks and months are going to be important moments for those in Oklahoma devastated by t…
Incredible Video
The country continues to pray for and help the people devastated by the massive tornado that touched down in Oklahoma on Monday, killing dozens.

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