Tim Horton's

Feel the Buffalove!
Another week, another bunch of people who think their iPhones make them professional photographers. This week, we’re rounding up your all-around best shots.
Timmy Ho's Chorus
O Canada! Our home and native land! Tim Hortons coffee in all thy sons command! Here are a bunch of older gentlemen singing a very lovely a cappella version of 'Can You Feel The Love' tonight in a Tim Hortons.
Pay It Forward
It all started when a customer at a Tim Horton's coffee shop in Winnipeg, Canada decided to spread some holiday cheer by also footing the bill for the next customer in line.
But instead of putting their money away, the customer who just got free coffee chose to use the cash on the next pers…
Claim Your Election Day Freebies
Well, it's finally Election Day here in the old Land of the Free, and what better way to give yourself a pat on the back for getting out there and casting your all-important vote than with some free stuff, right?
JACK Stick It And Suck It Stick Up [PHOTOS]
JACK stuck it and you sucked it. Get out of the gutter, the JACK Sticker Pimps were out in force Sunday morning pimp slapping a sweet JACK bumper sticker on your ride and bribing giving you a pair of tickets to the Erie County Fair (check out the free show from Ace Frehley) and a free Tim Horton&apo…