Terrell Owens

T.O. Gets Schooled [VIDEO]
Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens may have the key to the city, but Mani Love has the key to our heart. The YouTube baller is only 4'5", a full 22 inches shorter than Owens, but the little guy was able to take down Owens in a game of one-on-one.
Terrell Owens Confronted on Dr. Phil, Called Deadbeat Dad
Not only is Terrell Owens broke, he's a deadbeat dad. We'll find out just how bad it is on today's episode of Dr. Phil where he is confronted by 3 of his baby's mamas.  The women named Kimber, Monique and Melanie claim the former Bills receiver is delinquent in child support…
Terrell Owens Tackled Over Wall In Arena League Game [VIDEO]
O how the mighty have fallen. Seems like just yesterday the Mayor of Buffalo was handing Terrell Owens the key to the city (for what I have no idea). But T.O.'s career has begun to dwindle to the point where he is now playing in the arena league, and T.O. is getting no respect in that league.
Why So Serious? Bills comeback rivals team’s best
That’s the question that motivated Stevie Johnson yesterday. The Joker, took on Batman and Robin and prevailed with three touchdowns. It didn't look so good in the beginning of the game, with the Bills spotting the Bengals and early 28-7 lead, but the Bills scored 39 straight po…
Dust off your T.O. bobblehead
We love us some T.O. and T.O loves him some Buffalo. At least that’s what he said in a press conference this week. You can watch the Bills and T.O.s new team the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday at 1 pm on Ch. 4. Owens ranks 5th in the league in receiving...