6 of the Worst Tech Predictions of All Time
Predictions about technology are notoriously tough to make. Still, the experts and visionaries often get it right — but when they don’t, they get it colossally wrong. Here are some of history’s most famously bungled insights made by tech giants and industry bigw…
New Toyota Technology Could Help the Paralyzed Walk [VIDEO]
On November 2 in Tokyo, auto maker Toyota unveiled several robotic devices designed to help paralyzed people and the elderly walk.
These robots include sensors that detect the user’s posture, grasp and holding strength, and motor control technology that facilitates someone&CloseCurlyQ…
Thanks to Vizio’s New Tablet, You Can Be Pretentious Too
Hey, I gotta hand it to the guys at Vizio. First, they made large screen televisions affordable and now they are tackling the Android and tablet market. In the spirit of competition, prices will likely drop on the name brands too, making these luxury items more affordable for everyone.