It's National Superheroes Day Today
Today is actually a real National Day celebrating Superheroes.  Superheroes can be fictional or real.  The Fictional Superheroes we all know ell are Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, etc...and out Real Superheroes are possibly Mom, Dad, Police Officers, Military P…
'Batman vs. Superman' Casts Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor
After a vast amount of rumors circled as to who could be the villain in the highly anticipated 'Batman vs. Superman' movie, Warner Bros. finally made the big reveal today by announcing Jesse Eisenberg of 'The Social Network' fame in the role of iconic Superman nemesis Lex Luthor.…
More Like $uperman
Considering the amount of money in damages he causes trying to save Metropolis in 'Man of Steel,' maybe Superman should be called $uperman.

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