RANKINGS: Top 5 Restaurants in Springville
Springville has their hot spots and everyone that lives there knows it. Lets take a look at the Top 5 restaurants that are ranked according to Trip Advisor. As we all know, Western New York is not on a shortage of good and unique restaurants, so next time that  you are in Springville, take a lo…
Paws and Yodeling for your weekend!
Getty Images
Fall is such a fantastic time of the year!  The leaves are changing colors, the smell of apple cider is in the air, and the autumn air is crisp.  Definitely my favorite time!  With this time of the year rolls in the fall festivities!  Take time this weekend to enjoy t…
Holy “Jokermobile” Loaded with Cocaine Batman!
We don't know about Gotham City, but we do know the Joker is no longer wreaking havoc on the citizens of Springfield, Florida.
The town's police department has seized a 1978 Chevy Impala with a picture of what looks like the Joker from 'Batman' painted on the side.