WATCH: Dogs Rescue Dog From Near Shark Attack [VIDEO]
No way!! A bunch of friends were all at the beach with their dogs and one of the pups went into the water when a shark approached. Well, all of the dog's friends noticed and came to the rescue by pouncing and biting the shark.
Everyone was okay, but the incident was caught on video...
Scary Ink
If you're just now emerging from a deep slumber and have no idea what's going on in the world, here's an FYI: one of the greatest weeks of the year is upon us. (Cue the 'Jaws' theme song.) Happy Shark Week, shark fans!
What happens when the fishermen become the fish? [VIDEO]
Did you see the images of the Great White Shark that jumped out of the water and landed in a boat? Holy. Crap.
Luckily, the boaters were researchers and not fishermen (or in this case, fisherwomen), so karma was on their side. Still, if that boat didn’t have a bathroom, I would&CloseC…