Paula Deen

Oh, Bieber
The Biebs is at it again -- only this time he got wasted, urinated into a mop bucket and yelled, “F*ck Bill Clinton.”
Deen's Racism
In case you haven't been following that whole "Paula Deen is a huge racist" thing very closely, here's a video to get you up to speed. Sort of. It's actually kind of confusing.
Paula Deen 'Is What I Is'
Paula Deen, being no stranger to “criticism” or “controversy” or “diabetes,” has once again found herself in hot water. New allegations are exposing Mrs. Butterworth herself of admitting to using the N-word, making r…
Paula Deen Riding Things!
Paula Deen is no stranger to the internet , the Southern fried TV chef has been the butt of many a butter joke on the web.
A new Deen-obsessed image blog called Paula Deen Riding Things is deliciously bizarre. The Photoshopped works feature a sunglasses-wearing, wine glass-toting Paula riding atop…