Butt Kickin'
Tom Brady threw for 185 yards and a touchdown, and the New England Patriots outlasted the New York Jets, 13-10, in rain-soaked Foxborough, Mass. on Thursday night.
The Super Bowl’s Here. Bring In The Bucket.
By Jillian Benedict
I admit, it’s exhausting hating the Patriots. I’ve been dreading this blog entry for a while. But the big day is upon us, and I feel like puking.
Tom Brady has done nothing but make me hate him even more. First he gave a pair of Ugg Boots to all his …
AFC East Gets Stronger. Bill’s Get….?
As the NFL lockout has passed, and the craziest free agency period in NFL history is still going on, there seem to be some troubling signs forour hometown team. There have been some blockbuster signings from other in the AFC East that look as though they will create much improvement. As for the Bill…
Sadistic Bill Belichick Training Methods Revealed
Yesterday, Rob Gronkowski's Homecoming was completed with not one, but two touchdowns against the Buffalo Bills. If you think his rise from the streets of Western New York to starting Tight End for the New England Patriots was easy, think again.