The Haunted Catacombs and House of Horrors 4th Annual Halloween Party
If you are looking for the best Halloween party in town, look no further than the Town Ballroom as JACK FM and The Haunted Catacombs take over to give you Buffalo's Biggest Halloween Party this Saturday night. Be sure to get decked out in costume for your shot to win $500 for Best Costume, Scar…
Things to Bring to the Beach for Jack’s 6th Birthday Party
Sunscreen, flip flops, beach towels....we all know the essentials to bring to the beach. We wanted to provide you with a list of fun things to bring to the beach this Monday for Jack's 6th Birthday Party that may not be on your typical list. Because let's face it, this party will be anythi…
Sunday Funday At Mickey Rats & Captain Kidd’s With JACK FM
Ahhh, that time of year is finally upon us once again...and as long as the world doesn't come to an end on Saturday, you can find us at Mickey Rats this Sunday.  Actually, I will be okay with the world coming to an end, but please let us get at least one Sunday Funday in this year.

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