Drunk German Football Fans Cheer on Woman Parking [VIDEO]
So I feel like I'm a fantastic driver when it comes to parallel parking. Yes I will admit that somedays I have a tendency to hit the curb but seriously who hasn't done it at least once in their lifetime! I'm sure if I had these guys every time I went to park cheering me on as I did …
$1,000 For Parking At The Super Bowl???
Packers and Steelers fans can start getting their Super Bowl trips planned and booked. The Super Bowl will be held at the Cowboy's stadium in Dallas. If you are planning on attending, don’t forget your credit
A-Hole Park Job
Tired of dings on your car doors?  Trying to squeeze into your car after some A-hole left you inches to open your door? Send us a picture and we'll post it for all to see.