Noureen DeWulf

Noureen DeWulf’s Huge Rock [PHOTOS]
Last week Ryan Miller's Fiancee, Noureen DeWulf , shared a picture of her left hand touting the color of her nails on
"I'm digging on this taupe/gray as my new nail color..." she wrote.
But was this really DeWulf's way of showing off the huge rock that Ryan …
25 All Star Hockey WAGS
My apologies to those of you who play the stock exchange. When we use the term WAG, it is not the stock symbol for Walgreen's. Although, you might say that these hockey players have some pretty hot commodities. The term refers to Wives And Girlfriends of celebrities...
She Shoots, She Scores!
It’s been quite a week for celebrity engagements. First, Tony Romo now Ryan Miller. The Sabres’ goalie proposed to his girlfriend, actress Noureen DeWulf, last night in Buffalo.