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McCoy and Barkley Lead Bills to Rout of Jets
Every once in a while all the breaks and bounces go your way and that was the case Sunday in the Meadowlands of New Jersey for the Buffalo Bills.  With Matt Barkley becoming the fourth different quarterback to start a game for the Bills this season, the Bills scored on five of their first six f…
Tim Tebow Trade to New York Jets Hits Snag
The Broncos and Jets trade for Tim Tebow has hit a snag because of $5 million dollars in bonus recapture. So where is Tebow likely to go now? There's still a chance he can go to New York, or maybe the St. Louis Rams. Looks like we'll be playing musical quarterback all night.
How Much Do Bills Fans Hate the Jets. [Poll]
While it’s not the same hatred I have for the New England Patriots, I do hate the New York Jets.
Maybe it’s the way some members of the media put the wrong emphasis on the wrong part of Mark Sanchez’s name. (It’s Sanchez. Not San CHEZ.) …

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