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Lou Gramm Considering Retirement
Rumors have recently surfaced about the possibility of a Foreigner reunion between Mick Jones and Lou Gramm. However, they were quickly quashed by Gramm. In fact, a new interview with Gramm suggests that the singer is considering retiring, a concept that crosses his mind from time to time.
Legendary Foreigner singer Lou Gramm has not been a part of the band that made him famous in more than a decade, but in a new interview, he says that may be changing. The singer behind all-time rock classics such as 'Hot Blooded,' 'Double Vision' and 'Urgent' says his m…
Gramm's Biography
A new autobiography details the courageous battle that ex-Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm waged against an egg-sized brain tumor that nearly killed him in the late 1990s.
Jack’s Dumpy, Little Basement- Top 5 Foreigner Songs
Formed after a meeting in 1976, the British-American rock band Foreigner recorded their first album that would sell more than a million copies in the U.S. Foreigner has sold over 37 million albums in the states and vocalist Lou Gramm has ties to the Western New York area