Look What These 3 Boys Did For Every Girl in Their Middle School
Chivalry is not dead.
Three boys in middle school wanted to make sure that every single girl felt loved on Valentine's Day yesterday. In total, 270 girls were given flowers and about 70 female staff workers.
They took their own money (and a little help from their parents) to buy each girl a carnation …
YOU BE THE JUDGE: Should This Teacher Be Fired?
Alex Boles, a teacher in Tennessee wrote the word 'STUPID' across one students forehead in permanent marker. It has not been released exactly why he did it, but sources say that Boles wrote the word backwards on the students forehead so that he can look at himself in the mirror...
The Biggest High Schools in WNY [LIST]
Who is the biggest high school in Western New York?
It's no secret that Erie County has some of the best schooling systems in the state and even in the country. There are 215 public schools in Erie County, New York, serving about 128,441 students, but who is the biggest high school...
WATCH: Teacher Drags Student Down Stairs + Forces Into Pool
A gym teacher is facing charges after he allegedly dragged and tried to force her to go into the school pool.  The student didn't want to go in and  he apparently, was not taking no for an answer. It was carried on for nearly two minutes and she was dragged down the stairs and to the pool and …
Older Children in New York for Adoption
When many couples and single adults think of adopting, the first thing that comes to mind is a newborn baby, or perhaps a toddler. However there are hundreds of children of all ages waiting to be adopted in the state of New York.
Many children will remain in foster homes or group homes until the…

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