Weekend Jacktivities!
Yes it's getting cold outside but that doesn't mean you should barricade yourself in the house and not come out till it's warm outside again!  Come on!  This is Buffalo!  Throw on a warm jacket and scarf and get out and enjoy the fresh air...
Halloween Weekend Jacktivities!
Halloween is next week! Can you believe it? This year, if you are tired of the same old events for Halloween, then you’ll want to check out these fantastic Halloween Jacktivities!
It’s A Corn On The Cob Weekend With Jacktivities!
Have nothing to do this weekend?  Let Jacktivities improve your social life!
Yesterday I decided to venture out into the country and check the Eden Corn Festival.  Seriously, anything that combines my love for fair food with my love for corn on the cob is a definite must for me this summer.…

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