DETAILS: $15 Buffalo Sabres Tickets For Kids!
What a great day with the kids! Kids can go to the Buffalo Sabres' game for only $15! Kids Day at the Sabres Game is October 28 against the San Jose Sharks!
Buy one full-price 300 Level II Ticket and you will be able to purchase up to four additional kids tickets (up to age 15) for $15 each...
This Soap Hockey Game Looks Perfect For Summer In Buffalo
Forget the rollerblades, grab the soap! This game looks perfect for Buffalo in the summer! Can you imagine this down at Canalside or Chestnut Ridge Park...or really any backyard? This would be awesome!
Since the video has gone viral there have been many inquiries on what type of tarp they're usi…
What do Buffalo & Cincinnati Have in Common?
Well the answer to the question is certainly not The Bills or The Bengals...although both teams are normally sitting at home watch the NFLPlayoffs or wishing they were contenders for the Super Bowl.
The answer is however Sports related.....

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