3 Crazy Fun Festivals An Hour Away From Buffalo
Buffalo does not have any of these coming to town, but they're so cool and unique that we had to pass them along. If you're looking for a weekend getaway or just a fun night and don't mind a drive, these are some of the cool festivals that we've seen (and need to get to Buffalo ASAP)
Schedule Here!
Don't miss it Next Saturday - April 25th, 2015
9am-1pm & 2pm-6pm
Please read below for the tentative schedule and see you soon!
fun. Launch Nonprofit Organization for LGBT Rights
As a show of their continuous support for the gay community, fun. have launched a nonprofit organization for LGBT rights. The band has collaborated with guitarist Jack Antonoff's sister Rachel to form Ally Coalition, an organization that will "raise awareness and fu…
‘We’re Not Young’ Parody Might Hit Too Close to Home
If the words boppy, binky and baby carriers mean something to you, or you're 30 something still looking for your first break in between bartending gigs, you my friend are not young. Life was supposed to begin at 30, but the Yahoo sketchy singers hit a little close to ho…
Summer Jacktivities For Kids-Our Top 20
It's the middle of the month of June, which means school is almost over for summer!!  We all know that this is a time when the kids grow bored and the parents can't wait for them to return to school. 
So in the meantime, we have found some summer activities in Buffalo to keep you …
Codename : Frosty
Jack has acquired Al Queda video of the first ever suicide snow bomber. All snowmen, snow women, and snow children will now be subject to pat downs, x-ray scans, and preemptive melts.
Note: Some adult language, NSFW. Which means, click on this.

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