Top 5 Reasons to Hate The Flyers
The hated rivalry between the Sabres and Flyers renews itself tonight as the Sabres look to improve their record at home this year. The Flyers will be without the services of Danny Briere, but there still are plenty of reasons for Sabres fans to boo the Flyers at the First Niagara Center
Hockey Player’s Wear Halloween Costumes?
Hockey player's are supposed to be in costume every night right? The Sabres took an interesting look into what players think are the best Halloween costumes and some ideas that may work for you. Maybe the Sabres can even use some Halloween spook to scare away the Flyers, who come into town …
Flyer Fans Boo Anti Cancer PSA
October is FIGHT CANCER MONTH affectionately known by JACK as CANCER SUX MONTH! Well, the battery chucking, Santa Clause booing fans of Philadelphia decided  to BOO cancer, or at least the anti-cancer message and anti-cancer messengers.