No License Needed To Fish This Weekend in New York
There are multiple weekends that will be free fishing days across New York State. This weekend kicks off the first free one.
Anyone can fish without buying a license this Saturday and Sunday.
The other FREE fishing weekends are in June, September and November...
You know all those plans you had to go swimming this summer? Forget them. After you see the fish a Virginia man caught earlier this month, you're not even going to want to take a shower without a spear gun.
Virginia fisherman Caleb Newton caught a three-foot-long, 17-pound, six-ounce Northern sn…
Fishing fail
If there's one thing you should glean from this video, it's that you should never taunt a fish. In other words, don't be this guy.
HillBilly Handfishin’ Show! [VIDEO]
So I'm one of those people that LOVES watching the animal planet channel. How can you not? From cute cuddly animals to dangerous ones that attack I'm addicted to that channel! I thought I had seen all the shows they have on that channel but today I was shown I have much more to watch..…

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