Dumb Buffalo Fights #1–North Tonawanda [NFSW]
There's the world's most ridiculous page and it happens to be based about the beee-muscle people in Buffalo who get into fights. I'm not sure how much of a fight this actually is, but it happens outside of Dwyers on Wester in NT last week.
As one of the people who commented on Facebook…
Buffalo Hockey Fight Woes Compound! [NEWS VIDEO]
I've never understood why fighting is an acceptable part of any sport...and it isn't...unless you're talking Boxing or Hockey!  Hockey???????  How does hockey get away with "fighting" is considered an acceptable part of te game wit the consequences bei…
Statham's Best Fights
Jason Statham’s new action flick, ‘Parker,’ isn’t exactly racking up the critical praise, but that doesn’t mean the movie doesn’t rock.