Drinks With Jack

Blue Kamikaze
It's the most wonderful time of the year -- if you can afford a plane ticket, hotel and copious amounts of alcohol. However, if you're stuck in seasonally confused Buffalo, this Blue Kamikaze recipe might help ease the pain. One sip may just transport you to a warm, sandy beach.
Spring Shiso
It's officially spring (even though it doesn't feel like it), so kick off your boots and try out this refreshing Spring Shiso recipe.
Irish Flag Shot
Well the day you've been waiting for is finally right around the corner. Everyone's Irish on St. Paddy's Day, and we have a tasty traditional Irish Flag shot recipe fit for all of your festivities.
Cheers to Chavez!
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez passed away Monday (March 4), and whether you supported his efforts or thought he was a crazy dictator, we have a drink for you. Kick back and try out this Ponche Crema recipe.
2 Cans Condensed Milk
2 Egg Whites
4 Egg Yolks
1 Liter Milk
1 Dash Vanilla Extra…
Jack's Pot O' Gold
This week, we've got a very special edition of Drinks With Jack for you. It's Jack's very own creation, and next week, you'll have a chance to taste it!
Kiss My Asteroid
There are space rocks falling from the sky!!! Well, sort of. The 2012 DA14 Asteroid skimmed past Earth a week ago, and some exploded parts hit Russia, but that's it.
Love Potion No. XVI
Given the shocking news of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation this week, we'll toast to ol' Benny boy with a Pope Benedict's Love Potion.
The Valentine
Most people love it, and a lot of people hate it, but one way or another, Valentine's Day is around the corner. Celebrate the love-filled holiday with The Valentine cocktail.
Blue Hurricane
In celebration of that giant football game that's happening in New Orleans this weekend, I give you The Blue Hurricane cocktail.
Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails
Last night (January 29) I had the pleasure of attending the Nitrogen Cocktail Experience at the lounge bar at Mike A @ The Lafayette inside the newly renovated Hotel Lafayette. The event was hosted by Chef James Roberts, Executive Chef at the Park Country Club, as well as Tony Rials, Mike A's m…

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