Does Your Dog Go To Bed With You At Night?
Sometimes, the hardest decision to make if you're a new dog owner, is whether or not you should let him or her sleep in your bed at night?
With our two-year old Beagle/Pit-Bill mix Odessa, we usually rotate, sometimes letting her sleep in bed and sometimes she sleeps in her bed...
Lancaster! A Dog Park is Coming Your Way?
Lancaster, a group of ladies is leading the pack in an initiative that will hopefully result in a dog park in town! The closest place for a dog park is probably out in East Aurora and with 6,000 licensed dogs in Lancaster, it would be super convenient and awesome to have a park for them...
Buffalo On Tap Mascot [VIDEO]
Looks like we finally found the pooch we want guarding our beer! We are highly hoping he will find his way to Buffalo On Tap this year.
You can find your way there too... just click the link below to get your tickets to 2015 Buffalo on Tap presented by Consumers Beverages...

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