christmas songs

10 Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck
Feeling Festive yet? How about now? Now??? Seems like other Buffalo Radio Stations have been shoving Christmas Music down your throat before you even finished your Halloween candy. Not here at Jack FM. We decided we wouldn't play Christmas Music until we were good and ready, and guess what we&a…
Cup Size Christmas
Hey guys Christmas is a time you curl up next to the fire with a special woman, and I'm sure one, wait who am I kidding any of these ladies would do just fine! Watch as these ladies turn their bodies into musical instruments. Here is Cup size Christmas in D...
Artist Spotlight: Christmas
Holidays are a time for giving! Here at Jack we felt the week of Christmas should be filled with the "best of", those who have made special Christmas melodies. Not to mention, we know how jealous people will get if we only pick one artist for the week of Christmas.