Central Terminal

Buffalo Train Station Location Announced
The location of the new Buffalo train station was decided.  According to News Reports, the selection committee chose the current Downtown location instead of Central Terminal.
According to News Sources, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown stated “I'm confident that downtown is the right locatio…
The Central Terminal Will Make You Scream
At the turn of the 20th century, Buffalo was a completely different city than it is today. It was the second-largest city in New York and on the Great Lakes (only second to New York City and Chicago, respectively) and 10th-largest city in the United States; everyone wanted to be in Buffalo.
Echo: Art Fair At Buffalo’s Central Terminal!
Surprise, surprise Buffalo has another art event coming up! This Saturday, from 9:30-5:30, the Central Terminal will be hosting the Echo Art Fair!
What is an Echo: Art Fair you may be asking yourself? Well, an Echo: Art Fair brings the buyers, new and experienced,&n…