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Nice Going, Rihanna
Before hitting Singapore for her World Diamonds tour, Rihanna visited Thailand for some fun. We're not trying to allude to her marijuana usage here -- Rihanna had (what we assumed) was good, clean fun while visiting.
OMG, Miley!
Where to even begin. Let's start with this picture, which perfectly sums up many's reaction to Miley's VMA performance.
Katie Couric did the unthinkable and publicly questioned Kim Kardashian's fame. "I don’t understand—why are they so famous?” said Couric. “I think it’s mostly teenage girls that are interested.”
Baby On Board!
Just when you thought his reality show, Married to Jonas, couldn't get any more exciting, Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle, announced that they are expecting.
A baby! Not a career rebound.
Get A Body Like Jennifer's!
Jennifer Aniston is notorious for maintaining her extremely toned and fit body throughout the years, with her abs serving as the spokesmodel for diet magazines everywhere. And in her latest role in We’re the Millers, the 44-year-old strips down to her goochies for a sexy stripper scene in which she …
The Royal Baby Is Here!
The royalist of all royal entered the world this week in the form of a screaming, slimy tiny person who is worth more than our all of our lives combined.
Bye-Bye, Scientology!
No more aliens or sci-fi Jesus for Leah Remini because she has removed herself from the so-called religion known as “Scientology,” founded by self-help writer L. Ron Hubbard, that centers around an evil being named Xenu.
Oh, Bieber
The Biebs is at it again -- only this time he got wasted, urinated into a mop bucket and yelled, “F*ck Bill Clinton.”

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