Buffalo Zoo

New Buffalo Zoo Event ‘Arctic White Out’ Coming In February
The Buffalo Zoo has a brand new event they're ready to roll out and will surely be a hit as you start getting some cabin fever when the snow starts piling up here in Buffalo, NY.
The all white attire cocktail party will feature  ice wine tastings, spirit tastings and a signature cocktails..…
5 Reasons to Visit the Zoo
It's going to be a good 2015 for the Buffalo Zoo. The Arctic Edge Exhibit is under way and by Labor Day you will be able to see Luna in her new exhibit along with arctic wolves, lynx and bald eagles. An underwater viewing will be in place so visitors can see the bears swimming and playing …
Weekend Jacktivities!
Buffalo is such an amazing place to live!  There are so many fun events around Western New York for the family to experience that there should be no reason to be sitting at home playing video games!
First of all if you haven’t checked out the Buffalo Zoo in a long time then now i…
Weekend Jacktivities!
So if you haven’t heard Punxatawney Phil didn’t see his shadow today and you know what that means!   Spring will be arriving early this year!
Celebrate Veterans Day in Buffalo
The words "American" and "freedom" are synonymous with each other. If the freedoms we possess were gone, we would, in essence, not be Americans. Therefore, it is extremely important to observe and celebrate the freedoms we have and honor those who fought to gain and retain those …

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