Bears With Beaks
If you're not familiar with Birds With Arms, a single-serving Tumblr that posts images of birds with human arms Photoshopped onto them, Bears With Beaks might make no sense. If you are familiar, and you like Birds With Arms, you'll love this.
Hot Chicks!
Warning: our obsession with baby animals is unstoppable. Can you honestly blame us, though? We're already suckers for anything fuzzy and adorable, but when it comes in a tiny version, we're just sucked in automatically. Remember miniature puppies or itty bitty kittens? Our p…
10 Birds With Unfortunate Haircuts
If you know anything about us here at TheFW, it's that we love any sort of furball, particularly those of the adorable variety. Tiny dogs, piglets in people clothes, you name it-- we're fans. There are also times when we sort of feel bad for our fellow animals. This is especially true when…