Oh, Happy Day!
It's the happiest day of the year, when one of the happiest places in the world opens up. Disney? No. Mickey Rats and Captain Kidd's open their doors for the 2013 season tomorrow (April 5)!
Girls in Bikinis, Guys with No Shirts and Santa Claus [PHOTOS]
JACK celebrated our 7th B-day as any good seven year old would, bellied up to the bar at Mickey Rats surrounded by beautiful women in bikinis. Thank you to everyone that came out to enjoy the gorgeous weather yesterday and help us celebrate, maybe next year you can actually bring us a gift!
Tanning is Really Bad For You, Especially in Daytona.
Did you hear about the poor sunbathing mother who was run over by a lifeguard truck? As if UVA rays weren’t bad enough, now we need to worry about getting crushed as we try to achieve a healthy glow.
The story, which I first heard about on the Today Show, is terrible and amazing at th…
5 Fun Things to Take With You to the Beach
Everybody knows about sunscreen and beach chairs, but what if you want to take your beach time to the next level? With temperatures climbing into the 90s (in some areas, the 100s) this month, now is the perfect time to buckle down and get serious about planning the perfect trip t...
Top 5 Things to Beat the Heat
With the weather not expected to dip below the high 80's again this week, Western New Yorkers will have to find a way to keep cool. Worst of all is the return of that painful moment when you get up from your leather couch and notice you've left your skin behind.&nb…
Sunday Funday At Mickey Rats & Captain Kidd’s With JACK FM
Ahhh, that time of year is finally upon us once again...and as long as the world doesn't come to an end on Saturday, you can find us at Mickey Rats this Sunday.  Actually, I will be okay with the world coming to an end, but please let us get at least one Sunday Funday in this year.