Buffalo Cat Owners–New Law May Ban Declawing + Have This Fine
This would be the first kind of law in the United States.
If you own a cat and you are against declawing, you may be in luck because very soon there may be a big fine you have to pay when this becomes illegal. If you get your cat the surgery to declaw, it will cost you a $1000 fine of course, it is m…
LOOK: This Family Woke Up To This In Their House!
Ok, try to imagine what happened here. You wake up. Hear a noise in your basement and you walk down there and find A MOOSE! That's what one Idaho family woke to a couple days ago.
According to the East Idaho News, the cow moose fell into a window well and then got inside the home through the win…
Dog Dies in Buffalo After Owner Leaves Out on Porch
A woman in Buffalo is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges after her dog died when she left it outside long enough in the heat on her upstairs apartment porch.
The SPCA was tipped off by the Buffalo Animal Shelter and the Buffalo Police Department, and Buffalo Fire Department arrived to the dead…
13 Animals Kicking It in Kiddie Pools for Memorial Day
Hooo boy, it is so close to being summer, we can practically hear the incessant song of the ice cream truck already. Frankly we don't want to wait until Monday to kick off the season. We can't. We've lost all control. Here are some pics of animals in kiddie pools to prove it.

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