Alex Van Halen

Van Halen Came, Conquered, And Kicked A** [Review & Photos]
March 22, 1984 was the first concert I was ever able to attend on my own, I was 14 years old. The venue,The Aud, the band...Van Halen, the show... changed my life.  Fast forward 23 years later, March 9, 2012, First Niagara Arena,the only thing that changed was the venue.
New Van Halen Song “Tattoo” Released [Video]
It's finally here to hear and see- Check out "Tattoo" by Van Halen. Tell us what you think? Do they still have it with Diamond Dave or would you rather they just toured on the old material? And make sure you sign up to win tickets to Van Halen's Buffalo Show on March 9 in…
Happy Birthday Alex Van Halen [Video]
According to Sammy Hagar, the Van Halen Brothers have a little of the crazy in them. Still, Van Halen is one of the greatest rock bands of all time and you can't deny that Alex Van Halen is the time keeper that keeps Eddie Rockin'. What a gifted musical family. Hopefully, the boys will find a way to…