214 Best Buffalo Bars!
As we recap the year, it's been the year of beer here in Buffalo, New York. A Growing number of new Craft Breweries in Western New York have impacted the drinking--and we like that in Buffalo. Where's the Best Bar in Buffalo? Where's the Best Beer in Buffalo
Decade-Old Beer
While alcoholic folklore often paints a rotten picture of a man on a mission to drink himself blind with things like household chemicals, kerosene and anti-freeze, it is the consensus of “the committee” that not even the most desperate of the breed would dare knock back a…
Military Opener
This may be the toughest bottle opener we've ever seen. Not only is it shaped like a classic green G.I. army man, it's also made of metal, which means it won't break or bend.
Russia Finally Admits That Beer is an Alcoholic Beverage
There has been some speculation, throughout the years, that drinking booze can lead to intoxication, or even alcoholism. Because of this, Russia has finally decided to officially declare beer an alcoholic beverage as a means of keeping their citizens from turning into full-blown boozehounds. Like us…

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