Buffalo Niagara Airport Getting a $65 Million Renovation
It looks like the Buffalo Airport is going to be making some changes in the next couple years. It was announced that the airport would be undergoing a $65 million renovation through 2019. Just to note some of the renovations include:
- Changes to the baggage claim
- New kids play area
- A technology wo…
FAA Hiring 1,400 High Paying Air Traffic Controllers
If you need a job, you may just end up at the Buffalo Airport being an air traffic controller. The Federal Aviation Administration needs to hire 1,400 entry-level air traffic controllers. We hear that the entry position pays around $29,000,
Don't worry though, you're salary will go up...
Ted Nugent's Wife Says She Forgot About Loaded Gun at Airport
Shemane Nugent, the 51-year-old wife of rocker Ted Nugent, says she forgot about the loaded revolver in her luggage as she attempted to get through security at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on Aug. 29. She said she was carrying the gun for protection because she had received death threats.
The Beethoven of Youtube
There's nothing like a good "Rick Roll" to improve your airport experience. Except for, you know, getting bumped up to first class free of charge. But let's be realistic -- that's not going to happen.
Buffalo Airport: Check For Flight Delays And Cancellations
Air travelers beware of flight delays and cancellations today.  Heavy snow hit the Chicago area delaying and cancelling hundreds of flights yesterday affecting air travel from coast to coast.  Checking whether your flights into and out of Buffalo were impacted is only a click away.

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