We live in the day of the Internet. Where nothing is kept private, thanks to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on and so forth. But the fact that companies are releasing their Super Bowl commercials via the web early is really getting to me. I know they want the viral storm, but won’t that come Sunday night?

Apparently, Sunday is too late.

I think it’s dumb. It’s like opening gifts before Christmas morning. They’re ruining the surprise and ruining the special day.

Sure, the hype is nice. But now when I see a “rerun” commercial on TV Sunday, that’s going to be my bathroom break. No more shushing the crowd at the party or the bar when the game goes to a commercial. Instead, we’ll turn our attention elsewhere, since these spots are going to be old news. The companies who chose to release during the actual Super Bowl will be all the talk Monday morning.

I guess the commercial “leaks” are something I’m going to have to get used to. Since the World Wide Web isn’t going anywhere, I’ll have to adjust my thinking. Starting now. Instead of Christmas, the Super Bowl is now more like my birthday – a week long celebration.