Some people need a good night’s sleep.

Some need a good month or two of sleep.

According to reports, a 15-year-old British girl named Stacey Comerford suffers from an extremely rare neurological disorder called Klein-Levin Syndrome, which can knock a person into a stone cold sleep for extended periods of time — with absolutely no warning at all.

Also known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, this little condition, which only affects about 1,000 people around the world, can result in random episodes of sleep for more than 20 hours.

In Stacey’s case, her latest two-month pseudo-coma is her longest yet, since experiencing her first symptoms nearly a year ago.

“When she’s in an episode, she might get up to go to the toilet or get a drink but she’s not awake. I call it sleep mode,” said her mother Bernie Richards.

Since being diagnosed with this condition in March, Stacey has missed nine tests in school, as well as her birthday. She’s also lost nearly 28 poundst.

Although there is no known cure for Kleine-Levin Syndrome, some medical experts believe that individuals will either grow out of it or sleep through it — either way, they are not going to be awake to complain.