Are you ever driving along in your car listening to Jack FM and singing your heart out to a tune that you know the chorus of, but the rest is sorta iffy in the middle?

Well don't fret because you're not the only one who may be making up their own lyrics to well-known songs. When I was younger, I used to sing "Wake me up before you cocoa cocoa" to Wham!'s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” and I still am getting song lyrics wrong. Then again, making up your own misheard lyrics is half the fun! Here are a few videos that embrace that spirit.

  • %22Urgent%22 -- Foreigner

  • %22Rock The Casbah%22 -- The Clash

  • %22Thunder Kiss '65%22 -- White Zombie

  • %22Smooth Criminal%22 -- Michael Jackson

  • %22Bohemian Rhapsody%22 -- Queen

  • %22Take On Me%22 -- A-ha